Gen. 0.2: Founder’s Remorse

28 Oct


Hello and welcome to the second installment of Josephine Simpleton’s complicated and rushed legacy! I’m catching up slowly to where I am in-game, so updates may be rocky at first. At any rate, this is Josey, apparently driving a Vespa AND a sloppy jalopy at the same time! Bravo, Josey!

Josey: It’s hard bein’ thug.

Yeah. Okay.


This bitch needs Josey to run around like a chicken with its head cut off over some ancient relic, which I deduce to be a baseball. Spoiler alert: It’s a baseball.

French Lady: But I NEED zat baseball! For eet ees ze only zing I have ov’my late huband!

Yeah, yeah, whatever. I need visa points anyway. Crazy hag.


Josey: Oh, this looks inviting. And not at all threatening.

Go for it! Shoot for the stars!


Lots of this. It gets old, pretty fast.


Josey got tired and I didn’t want her to pass out, so I just kind of gave up on the adventure and went back to base camp. Besides, I kind of wanted to go to France to find a husband, not to adventure.

All I found was a bunch of bitchy locals.

Local: I don’t like you.

Josey: Thanks for the sentiment.


Local: I wish I was the founder of a legacy…


Josey ran into these two fine, upstanding citizens. She got to know both, but found that the one wearing that ridiculous beret was much more in tune with her than the other. His name? Yves. Nope, that’s not a typo. Yves. Can anybody please tell me how to pronounce that? Because it’s driving me batty.


Yves: You heard the Almighty Creator. Scram, Randolf! This one’s mine!

Randolf: :I


Believe it or not, they got along smashingly, despite having no traits in common. I SMELL MARRIAGE.

Sadly, her trip ended abruptly when I realized I had spent all my time looking around France instead of actually doing stuff. Man, do I love the architecture!


By the way, if anybody’s curious, I made her housing situation a lot more bearable.


Obligatory “The dog is somehow still alive after not being fed or given attention in 3 days” shot.


Oh, well look who it is. Yves, who I’m going to just conveniently call Ves, because that Y is very distracting.



Josey put The Moves on him and immediately things were heating up. He was quite a bit younger than her, but neither her nor I care.


Josey: I just met you.


Josey: And this is crazy


Ves: Oh, honey, what are you doing?


Josey: Flirt, flirt, amorous hug, massage —


Josey: Marry me, maybe?


Ves: That’s so sweet…


Ves: But I’ll be damned if someone proposes to me using the “call me maybe” jingle.


Josey: But I was just trying to be witty!


Ves: Well, it didn’t work.


Josey: Well… Do you at least want to move in?

Ves: Oh yeah! Sure! I’d love that!

Josey: -___-


Ves brought in 5,000$! Thanks Ves!


Needless to say the only reasons why I bothered moving him in first was 1. To get him to stay in this area, 2. To get money and 3. For him to propose to her.


He’s an insane natural cook (bad combo) with an emotional side, and has pretty shitty luck. Oh, and he’s really childish too!

His LTW is to have a bottomless nectar cellar, which I’m not sure whether or not I’d like to keep and work on. I may change it. Any opinions?


Awh, she looks so happy with Ves.



We’re gonna end it right here!

What will Ves and Josey Simpleton do now? Procreate? Work on their LTW?



Uuuuuh… I didn’t realize that this was possible to have in-game…

Anyway! See you guys next time!


Gen. 0.1: The Secret Files of Josephine Simpleton

28 Oct

Hey guys! Welcome to my final legacy challenge. I’ve completed legacies before, just not written. This time I’m interested in writing it all down, so bear with me here, I’m rusty! This is Josephine Simpleton, my legacy founder. She’s a Bookworm, a huge fan of Computers, a bit cowardly, very Excitable and unfortunately Hydrophobic. Her LTW is to become a Professional Author.

Iggy, her Yorkshire Terrier! She’s independant, friendly and loyal.

Aaaaaaand, Josey’s “house”.

Josephine: Uhh..

Josey: But I like THIS house! Why can’t we have THIS one? C’mon, Almighty Creator! Pleaaaaseeee?


Josey: Just a few motherlode cheats–


Here she is up close. Very pretty if I do say so myself.

Josey: I pride myself on my looks, yes.

Right away I sent her off to the library to work on her new book, “Grunenwald: Origins of a Nightmare”, a fiction book.

Josey: Grunenwald can’t possibly be in love with Princess Butterscotch… I’ll just change that… And this…

It’s going to be thrilling, I can tell.

Needless to say, within about two Sim hours, she was already freaking out about marriage.


Yeah, kinda. You did plop right into this neighborhood half-way to Adult. :/

Cute… But married. 😦

Cute, but he’s the offspring of my old family, and I’m trying to avoid that.

Josey: This bitch looks like she popped right out of the Chimeree Legacy. I mean, look at that NOSE!

Clearly I’ve been reading too much of Mariah’s content.

Meanwhile, Iggy was busy beating the shit out of a harmless raccoon. Atta girl!

This is Josey, finishing up her very first book! Royalty payments are a measly 38 simoleans, but hey, it’ll get better!

Josey: I hope so. This diet of Brain a la Mode and pissing myself because I can’t afford a toilet is growing rather bothersome.

Oh, hush. it always gets better in legacies!

And I immediately put her to work on another book! This on is a SciFi thriller called Blender’s Fame. All about the fall from grace a kitchen blender faces when it grows legs and can speak, and becomes unnaturally famous.

Josey: This… Is not my finest hour.

Yet another possible suitor, sadly dashed away by the friendly reminder that he’s technically married into my former legacy’s family. UGH.

Can’t-Remember-His-Name-For-The-Life-Of-Me: I. LOVE. BOOKS.

Josey: Ah, Blender’s Fame is going quite smashing, if I do say so myself. All I need now is… Well, a husband, to share my life with…

Elderified Malcolm Harris: Does anybody else smell that? God, it smells like… Like unshowered legacy founder…

Oh, there we go. First urinary accident of this legacy. With many more to come, most likely!

Josey: SHUT UP 😦

The next day, Josey worked quite hard on her new novel. She spent several hours in the library, tick-tacking away at the keyboard.

Josey: Blender can’t possibly let Kathrine know who he really is… He’s got to be a little coy about it… Ah! A typo! Damn those typo demons…

This doesn’t even need a caption.

I decided to download a new mod that enabled this funny little notebook called “scribbling pad”. It lets the Sim write books and refine writing skill in the tradition sense. I don’t really consider this cheating, since the scribbling pad doesn’t enable things like playing games or such. So it’s not technically like a computer. Plus, I think it suits Josey much more than a computer.

This is Josey cranking out yet another best seller (read: flop) and racking up those Lifetime Points! 😀

I know I don’t show Iggy a lot, but I just want to say how adorable they are when they play together.

Josey: Where’s the ball!? Huh? Where’s the ball at, Iggy!?


Oh, FFS. You’ve got to be shitting me.

This whole “zombie” thing is really annoying. I love the lunar phase but because my “home” doesn’t have walls, they just pop up and try to attack Josey all the time. It’s frustrating.


No. Stop it.

At this point in time, I decided to invest in a trip to France, in hopes of finding a suitor. She got a part time job at the Gypsy Caravan. God, how pretty is she? I love her!

Twist: These two are married.

While in the library, I basically told her to go write a new novel (“The Gosling”, a Drama) and she wound up going downstairs… Into this creepy-ass subterranean cellar.

Josey: Fancy that, it’s actually a door!

Josey: Uh…

Josey: I… should not be here…

I sent her off to another part of the basement to write her book. Her concentration look is funny and adorable.

The day after, she received a promotion, and a humble bonus. She booked her flight for Champs les Sims, and was off!

Josey: Oh, the fun I will have!

Tune in next time for her adventures in France and a possible husband!

Heya guys!

28 Oct

I’ve tried many times to fulfill a legacy and I’m saying now — NO MORE! I’m tired of getting to the 3rd generation and giving up. I’m going to do it! 😀 So stick with me here! Updates will be about once a week, maybe once every two weeks, giving me months to actually do the legacy. Wish me luck!